Second chance to save a life

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Six years ago, I wrote a story about how someone might have died because I procrastinated dealing with my inbox.  In short, I signed up two decades and change ago as a marrow donor. 1% of people are ever matched.  I was matched. And I missed my chance to save the life of another human being because I didn’t check the mail.  I’ve never forgotten that, and it’s one of my deepest regrets.

Sometimes we get second chances.


I’m going in next week for testing to confirm that I can help. You might be able to help, too. Please visit and sign up – or update your contact information – today.


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  • Una King

    If only I could get my would be “marketing guru” and potential “CFO” to check his danged e-mail. You can burn a signal fire upon the hill, but dang it, turn off the damned pod cast and allow your phone to function–i.e. get e-mail. Guy lost his position potential by not responding to my repeated e-mails, inquiring about inventory he was in charge of. Hopefully, that may light a fire under his CFO pants for some time to come. Short of setting a signal fire, which requires a hike up a dark hill, just light their danged pants on fire to get their attention.

  • Adam Mirkovich

    Hey Dan, I saw this and it reminded me of a trick I use with e-mail. For the SUPER (4-5x super, actually) emails, I’ve set up a forwarding rule to forward that email to my phone as an SMS (via email to text with my carrier). When that seldom-viewed support email get’s an important message… boom, right to top of mind.