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Second chance to save a life

Six years ago, I wrote a story about how someone might have died because I procrastinated dealing with my inbox.  In short, I signed up two decades and change ago as a marrow donor. 1% of people are ever matched.  I was matched. And I missed my chance to save the life of another human being  ...

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Startup dudes: Cut the sexist crap

Last week I was speaking on what would have otherwise been a terrific panel.  It was Frank Artale from Ignition, Tom Duterme from Groupon M&A, Andy Sack from Lighter Capital & Founder’s Co-op, and me talking about funding & exiting.  The only thing that spoiled it was yet  ...

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Hello world (redux)

What with being gainfully unemployed and all, I’ve decided to revisit my blog.  Those of you with long memories or penchants for manly crafts may remember this URL as the home of “Nothing Severed Yet”, my woodworking blog.  Those entries are still here under the  ...

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