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Livesheeting YCombinator Demo Day

I was fortunate enough to be invited to check out the 70+ companies of the current YCombinator batch. With that many companies to keep track of, it helps to take notes! I did this in a public Google Docs spreadsheet, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. A few hundred (at least) people joined  ...

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What if you could only speak once a year?

Who’s been a part of a mailing list that’s suffered from poor-quality posts drowning out an otherwise-useful conversation? OK, hands down.  It seems like it happens to just about every worthwhile mailing list I’ve ever been on: the quality of the posts goes to hell.  And in  ...

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Saving a life is easy, but I didn’t

I was reading Hacker News a few weeks ago and I stumbled on a story: Amit Gupta needs you. It turns out that Amit is the thoroughly likeable founder of Photojojo.  Amit had the double misfortune to: a) have acute leukemia, and b) be South Asian. The problem with the first one is obvious.  The  ...

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