Camping like a startup

Originally published on Sulia

We went camping with the family this weekend. We’d never done it before. That’s OK, first time for everything.

We spent a lot of time figuring out our location, because that would be hard to change later. We didn’t worry much about our precise campsite until we got there and wandered around a bit.

We asked some folks with lots of experience for advice. Most of it was good, some was contradictory. A lot of it was ignored.

There were a few problems we knew we needed to solve, like how to build a fire. Read up on those beforehand.

Read lots of other “how to” stuff, which did build our confidence but mostly just killed time before actually doing it.

We put it off for a long time because it was scary. When it was done, we were poorer, wetter, smellier, and a lot happier than when we started.

I highly recommend camping with the family.

And doing a startup.

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