How to do Hardware

I’m delighted to announce that I’m advising Highway One, a new SF-based incubator for hardware startups.Quadcopter

Why does the world need another incubator? Because hardware’s hard, and hardware’s different. And Highway One is magical.

It’s not an accelerator for hardware startups, it’s a hardware accelerator. They are all about getting your designs rolling off assembly lines, fast.

I believe in this because HW1 is a part of PCH, one of the largest and most reputable manufacturing companies in the world. They manufacture for Fortune 500 companies, and are rumored to be the only non-Chinese company manufacturing for Apple. As a startup you can’t get access to these folks’ manufacturing expertise or factories for love or money.

Except through this. If you work with HW1, you’ll not only work with PCH’s top engineering and management talent, you’ll actually travel to Shenzhen with them to go learn how to manufacture stuff, in situ, in volume, with the pros.

On top of all that, they will hook you up with a cash investment of $20k for 3%-6%.

Oh, and the best bit? Brady Forrest is going to be running the thing.

You can apply now at And if you happen to be (or can get to) Seattle this Wednesday, ping me on Twitter – there’s a private event with Brady that will give you the inside track with a few seats left.

If you’re building hardware, you really ought to be a part of this.

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