Glowforge – my new company (join me?)

I’m working on something new. I can’t wait to tell you what it is.

logo Unfortunately we’re not ready to tip our hand quite yet, so I have to be a little coy. The company is called Glowforge.

replicatorWe’re making a real, tangible thing – a piece of hardware – powered by a giant stack of software. It’s incredibly complicated, with everything from electronics to injection molded plastics to firmware to a web app. It’s not an incremental thing; it’s approaching science fiction. It’s actually a product that makes it simple for people to create real, beautiful products. Really simple. Like a very, very early prototype of a Star Trek replicator - but not for food.

There’s a bit more about us in this article in Geekwire. We’ve already got some of the most amazing folks:

  • Tony Wright, Y Combinator alum and founder of RescueTime.
  • Mark Gosselin, founder of Consumerware and Cequint, which sold for $112.5 million.
  • Kira Franz, who was Logistics Chief for Chef.
  • Dean Putney, the sole developer behind
  • Tim Ellis, who created the electrical systems behind the Genie lift.

…and we’re not done yet!  We need a few more engineers to round out the core team. We need front end and back end engineers. A firmware engineer. A mechanical engineer experienced with injection molding. We’re funded by an amazing set of investors. Our office is a century-old building that used to be used to build Boeing airplanes. We have a seven ton vertical mill and we’re building out a full electronics lab for the hardware team. It’s pretty amazing here.

If you’d be interested in working together – shoot us a note? It’s a ‘jobs’ address, but I see every mail that comes through there.  And if you want to be the first to know what we’re up to, you can add your name to the launch notification list at

It would be great to see you here.


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