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Second chance to save a life

Six years ago, I wrote a story about how someone might have died because I procrastinated dealing with my inbox.  In short, I signed up two decades and change ago as a marrow donor. 1% of people are ever matched.  I was matched. And I missed my chance to save the life of another human being  ...

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The CTO Bro

In my new book “Hot Seat: The Startup CEO Guidebook“, I got to retell some amazing stories from CEOs of companies large and small. One of them was from Elissa Shevinsky, CEO and founder of Glimpse. There’s a few details that the story left out, though, and I wanted to touch on  ...

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Glowforge – my new company (join me?)

I’m working on something new. I can’t wait to tell you what it is.  Unfortunately we’re not ready to tip our hand quite yet, so I have to be a little coy. The company is called Glowforge. We’re making a real, tangible thing – a piece of hardware – powered by a giant stack of  ...

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How to succeed at Kickstarter

I’ve been asked by a lot of folks for advice with their Kickstarter campaigns. I’ve thought long and hard about it. I worked hard on the Robot Turtles campaign, but fundamentally thought of it as a fun diversion. I had no idea it was going to turn into the blockbuster that it did!  ...

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Gweek 155: The cheap RC plane I talked about

Five years ago (!!!) I gave an Ignite talk on cheap RC airplanes.  In one of my prouder geek moments Mark Frauenfelder, a maker-hero of mine, posted it to Boingboing.   And that was that. Until today, when I had the amazing opportunity to be a guest on an episode of the Gweek podcast with Mark  ...

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Market first

I’m told Amazon writes the press release for a product before beginning development. I don’t know exactly how the process works, but this has been sloshing around in my head mixed in with a bunch of other tidbits. Like the trick of running ads that lead to a signup page before you  ...

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Anatomy of a $631,230 Kickstarter Video

First things first: the last of the Robot Turtles Kickstarter production run is still available on Amazon for $34.95 plus $9.95 US shipping, with international shipping available. If you order today, Dec 19, you should get it in time for Christmas!   In early September, I launched a  ...

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