Dan Shapiro

CEO of Glowforge, creator of Robot Turtles, proud dad

Robot Turtles midmortem at $250k

Robot Turtles has been an amazing ride.  From a goofy idea in the shower, to some clipart, to a print on demand game for my family… to a $250,000 wild ride that doesn’t seem to be done yet!  As of this writing I’ve just crossed the halfway point (12 days down, 11 to go) and  ...

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Leaving Google (for now)

Some places are just delightful to work. Two years ago, Google bought my startup, Sparkbuy. Ever since I’ve been leading a delightful double life as a PM on the Google Ads team and the CEO of Google Comparison Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Google.  It’s been an amazing run  ...

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How to do Hardware

I’m delighted to announce that I’m advising Highway One, a new SF-based incubator for hardware startups. Why does the world need another incubator? Because hardware’s hard, and hardware’s different. And Highway One is magical. It’s not an accelerator for hardware  ...

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Camping like a startup

Originally published on Sulia We went camping with the family this weekend. We’d never done it before. That’s OK, first time for everything. We spent a lot of time figuring out our location, because that would be hard to change later. We didn’t worry much about our precise  ...

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Five Killer Kickstarters

Dream of striking Kickstarter gold, but lack inspiration?  I’m here to help.  Don’t forget to hook me up with a few freebies when you get your assembly lines rolling. Optimal Notebook Lightweight, distinctive looking, with a built in holder for a standard pen.  Bonus points for  ...

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A Review of 3 Hacker News Jobs Listings

Hacker News is an interesting lab for job postings. It’s a target rich environment, so you know the right people are reading. Unlike many sites, you can’t pay to rank higher or show your headline in blue.  There’s no category search.  The rules are simple: if Y Combinator  ...

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